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There is an historical moment in the development of every culture, and of every community, when that culture assigns a spiritual significance to their place… (it is) that moment when we name a place in our heart, and when we rename ourselves in response to our place.”

-Clark Stevens, Roto Architects

The Spovangelist critically reinterprets settled social practice in the greater Spokane area. We demystify buzz words like “community” and “vibrancy” by imagining their real world potential. The Spovangelist strives to provide cutting commentary and sharp observations that challenge your view of what is possible in the Inland Northwest.

How does regional identity get shaped? If Spokane has a self-esteem problem, how do we overcome it? What are the ways we interact with each other, and what does this imply from a Gen X/Y perspective? Are our personal networks sustainable? Does it matter? What could our social infrastructure look like if we built it with more intention?

Spokane has the potential to offer a special quality of life offered no where else on earth. Our story is one of unwavering enthusiasm, and belief in the transformative power of Spokane’s continued redemption and rebirth.

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The Spovangelist at a student organized downtown art exhibit.


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The Pope explores Spokane’s social and political framework, local media coverage, and built environment. He sees what is happening in our city and, for good or ill, hopes to speak to these things with a vested interest in our improvement and survival.

The Apostate – Contributor with a special focus on video storytelling and the young experience.


“…an essential catalyst to an informed and prideful community and a place to celebrate our strengths, embrace our faults and engage our future.”
Bart Mihailovich, Down To Earth

“…a radically fresh experiment in looking at contemporary Spokane.”
Tim Connor, The Center For Justice

“…a story in which we are all co-creators and co-authors of some hopeful new future that is unfolding in real places among real people. Amen to that.”
Craig Goodwin, Year of Plenty

“…imagining Spokane’s potential and pushing the rest of us to get off our backsides to make that vision a reality.”
Kristina Kielbon, Wanderlust