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About the Spovangelist

We are a collective of Spokane, Washington writers examining our city — and our world — from different angles. We’re committed to uncovering what’s great about Spokane and challenging what isn’t.


This is a community blog — we want your input. To suggest a guest column or send us feedback, email: contact@spovangelist.com


Alayna Becker, The Spovangelist editor-in-chief, finds enough time in the day to grow plants, keep tabs on every single thing going on in Spokane and blog most of it. Have a question? She has the answer. She organizes drawers, kick-ass events and young political progressives in Spokane. Oh, and she loves sushi. And boots. And we love her. Contact: alayna@spovangelist.com.

Erika Prins, The Spovangelist managing editor, majorly geeks out on politics. She hates “American food” (corn, peanut butter and jelly, apple pie, etc.) and loves discussing uncomfortable topics. Contact: erikaprins@gmail.com.

Audrey Connor is a Spokane arts enthusiast with a love of combat boots, tights and some damn good music. Seriously, ask her to make you a mix. Contact: audrey@spovangelist.com.

Rachel Palmer is the Spovangelist’s resident funny girl that’s always on the prowl for hot plaid, good deals and as much pizza in hot tubs as possible. Her spirit animal is her dog, Millie. Contact:rachel@spovangelist.com.

Nora Taylor, is a Spokane native that traversed her way down the West Coast and recently moved home to Spokane. She is our go-to for awesome playlists and life advice. Nora is also the winner of two Northwest Regional Emmys her documentaries, The Circle Project and The Fourteen Green.

Austin profile pic Austin Mell, Master architect, speaker of 27 languages & inventor of commercialized cat dancing schools. All of these words do not describe Austin Mell. Known for having a penchant for rot-gut whiskey, questionable streetfoods and krautrock, Austin has been actively involved in the Spokane music scene from every angle– and loves every second. All that aside, buy him a beer and listen to him rant away about how Tom Waits is the greatest American songwriter in the last 100 years. Who knows! You may enjoy yourself. In the very least he gets a free beer out of it.